Replicas, and Potato Harvest

Robert has last week published a watermelon and cucumber salad that I put on my list, as there was a watermelon in the cellar and cucumbers in the garden. The day after, he presented tomato and zucchini tartlets that I craved likewise, and I thought for a moment that I had a dilemma, until I realized – Eureka – the two together would make a great combination. And that’s what they turned out to be!!

Hence, this is a humble replication of Robert’s tomato zucchini tartlets and his insalata di anguria, cetrioli e cipolle. The first he found at Eva Deichrunner and was already successfully repeated by Petra and Päm.

Due to lack of puff pastry I used Turkish yufka (or Greek filo, or German Strudelteig), the rest was more or less the same. Non-German readers may use Google or other translation tools for the German recipes, or with a comment here request for an addendum with the recipes in English. Ah, yes, I didn’t buy the very expensive date shaped tomatoes (Datteltomaten), as Swiss authorities load them with CHF 8.00 / kg import duty since July 1, every year the same, I guess, to protect the Swiss farmers !! Who protected us machine builders? In Switzerland it’s the farmers, the banks and the pharmaceutical industry that are enjoying the protection of the government, not to forget the fishy cases of social welfare benefits. Does anybody know a country where it is much different?

The tartlets were fantastic, and the salad with watermelon went along very well.

I still feel my legs and my arms from the potato harvest on Saturday, and it was only 2 of the 3 rows! The type is called ‚Charlotte‘, a waxy type, ‚festkochend‘ in German, ‚cooking solidly‘ 🙂

The yield was much lower than in previous years, probably caused by a dry period. I thought potatoes didn’t need watering, and now I don’t understand why I thought so. Next year I will surely overcome my sparingness and also water the potatoes. For those interested in potato yields: 2 rows of around 7 m length yielded 37 kg in 2008, 46 kg in 2009, and only 27 kg in 2010. Lucky that I planted 3 rows this year, the last one to be taken out after a dry day this week.

Home growing of potatoes is not economical in industrialized countries, considering the amount of time, sweat and muscle. That’s a different story for developing countries, sure. But for us this is the case for any vegetable gardening. The pleasure of doing it, the joy of eating ones own veggies, knowing under what conditions they were cultivated, the „man, these are my own potatoes“, make the difference.

One last thing about potato growing: For half a row I had cut some of my old stored potatoes from last year – there were still some left for this trial – in pieces having at least 3 eyes, or buds, and put them into the soil in the same manner as proper seed potatoes. My mother told me this, she grew potatoes during World War II. The result was perfectly the same in quality, size and quantity. I read somewhere that descendants could be used only for 3 or 4 generations, and then had to be replaced by new seed potatoes.

At the left, behind the fortified fence, is Helen’s garden, ahead is mine

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Joan Baez, Live in Europe ’83: Children of the Eighties (1983)

11 Kommentare zu „Replicas, and Potato Harvest

  1. knusprig, knusprig. Das Gärtchen hinter dem Palisadenzaun war wohl der Anfang, der Freilandgarten die Fortsetzung 🙂 Schön, wenn man einfach in den Garten laufen und ernten kann. Vorausgesetzt, man hat vorher gearbeitet.

  2. @lamiacucina
    Hatte keinen Blätterteig, aber buttrig, buttrig will ich es eh nicht – Kalorien 🙂 – esse selten etwas mit Blätterteig. Wenn, dann heftig, weil es so gut ist.

  3. Mit Yufka ist das bestimmt auch sehr lecker. Aber Erich, die einzelnen Lagen muss (darf) man doch mit viel Butter aufeinanderkleben. Das ist doch fast schon wie Blätterteig 😉

  4. @kitchenroach
    Früher oder später, never mind, Hauptsache es gibt viele und sie werden bei Euch nicht von den Bären ausgebuddelt.

    Vermutlich hast Du recht, bei Baclava wird ja auch reichlich Oel und Wasser genommen. Aber für mich wäre Yufka/Filo dann auch nicht mehr so toll.

    Blätterteig ist im Originalrezept, hatte nur keinen zuhause, werde nächstes mal welchen benützen, muss ja nicht jede Woche Blätterteig sein.

  5. How lovely are your photos. I want to step in right into it and experience being there. Your tartlets look irressistable too. The combo sounds refreshing. I would imagine the burst of flavor as you bite into the watermelons and cucumber salad and the crunchiness from the crust and the tomatoes and olives among others. to top it all, yeah it’s fresh from a harvest.
    thanks for visitng my blog… hopefully through our blogs, we will learn from each other’s culture and cuisine.


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